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I have a long and beautiful relationship with this city, that as of this post, spans 10 years. Yes, you heard me correctly, which makes Belgrade the city I’ve visited the most outside of Toronto, the city I was born in. So when it comes to places to see in Belgrade or things to do in Belgrade I’m pretty much a local.

Admittedly, the first year was a bit rocky as having a black person with dreads stroll through the pedestrian street Knez Mihailova was not typical and as a result, I received a lot of stares. Nothing racist, just collectively we were all wondering why I’m there.

Then the questions inevitably come.
Question 1: Why Belgrade?

Well, my partner in crime, Gordana, is ex-Yugoslavian and ultimately she is responsible for first bringing me to Serbia 10 years ago – I’m so grateful for that.

Along the way, I’ve made some lifelong friends there, all of which have welcomed me into their homes and into their hearts. Amongst friends and family, I’ve eaten the best lamb I have ever tasted, drank shots of the finest rakija and laughed so hard my stomach would hurt.

They’ve also attempted to teach me Serbian, which as a result, I now swear very well.

These are the people who drop everything to come to see me when they know I’m in town for a few days.

Question 2: Is it safe?

Well, if it wasn’t, I can assure you I wouldn’t have been coming back for 10 years but – let’s entertain that question for a bit.
For some reason, Serbia tends to get confused with Syria. It’s unfortunate that Syria has been dealing with some rough times as of late but they are two different countries on two different continents, so for the record, Serbia safe, Syria not safe.

I’m not trying to be facetious, but I’ve actually been asked these questions.

All that said, I’ve noticed more and more tourist walking around the fortress and visiting the Cathedral. This is great! I like to believe I had a part in that, so as an unofficial local, let me show you the places to see in Belgrade if you had two or three days.

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