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I’ve had a picture of the Old Bridge on the storage unit above the desk in my office since forever. Well at least since 2013.

That year, one of the places I visited was Turkey and for that leg of the trip, I flew with Turkish Air which as a result I was given a promotional calendar with pictures of all the places they fly to. Naturally, I cut out all the pictures of the places I’ve been and the places I still need to go and stuck them on the storage unit above my desk.

One of the pictures was a beautiful shot of the Old Bridge.

I love bridges. There is something symbolic about them. They connect people, connect land, connect counties, cross borders so we can share stories, share food, share ideas and stay connected. It’s really what I’m all about, who I strive to be when I travel and what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

Damn, I can be so poetic at times, I even amaze myself.

Spend One Day In Mostar is like a dream, another item checked off my bucket list of dreams!

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