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When I’m talking about things to do in Stockholm, I’m talking about eating that Swedish style hard flatbread with cream cheese. I’m talking about those piping hot Swedish style cinnamon buns. I’m talking about drinking beer made from honey (mead, mjod) and enjoying that beer with some badass Vikings. I’m talking about traditional Dala (Dalecarlian) Horses, cheese, and yes they do have Swedish meatballs – and they’re damn right!

Oh, and how can I forget about ABBA – remember them? And Pippi Longstocking – remember her? Whether it’s 36 hours in Stockholm or 2 days in Stockholm, meatballs with honey beer or Viking sailors swabbing the deck to the tune “Mama Mia” – I’ve put together a pretty awesome Stockholm itinerary.

But before we get into some Stockholm points of interest, here is some history of this rather imperial, Vienna-ishhh looking city.

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